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“Building understanding between people and their canine companions.”

Senior Pet Charity
Let's bring out the best in your dog!........Whether you need to stop problems at home or get your dog to behave in public we have a program that's right for you!.........You won't believe it when we show you just how smart your dog really is!


Dear Dog Owner,
  Finding the right dog trainer can be overwhelming with so many philosophies and conflicting advice. Even training books and do-it-yourself programs can be confusing.
 Whatever trainer you decide to hire I’m sure you and your dog will learn a thing or two. But please don’t listen to anyone who tells you that a dog needs punishment to learn. Clinical studies have shown that fear, stress and pain slow the learning process. Even the biggest bully aggressive dogs do far better with motivational training methods. Training also means more than just a collar. True training is teaching, like children have in school. Collars are just training aids. At Canine Liaisons we believe once you train the owner the dog will learn automatically. This is proven to our clients at every training session. 
Jean L.Tomaselli, CPDT (Certification Council for Pet Dog Trainers)